Puglia: dinosaur footprints discovered on the coast between Bari, Trani and Bisceglie including three-toed carnivores. That’s where – photos

Findings of dinosaur footprints are increasing along the coast of Bari and in the immediate hinterland. To confirm this, the PugliaReporter.com blog has released some photographs taken between Trani and Bisceglie :

As also reported in previous scientific studies in which our countryman Alfredo Logoluso also collaborated ( link to the study here ) in this area the rock partly resurfaces also dating back to the Aptian and surroundings (one of the last periods of the lower Cretaceous , dating back to approximately to a geological period ranging from 110 to 115 million years ). The footprints identified are not fully recognized by the scientific community but they already enjoy various preliminary studies as well as an important report on the website dedicated to the geosites of Puglia ( http://www.geositipuglia.eu/ ) as well as a special mention by theNatural History Museum of Trieste . In particular:

in addition to these presumed dinosaur footprints and the well-known and numerous vegetarian dinosaur footprints located in the Altamura quarry (in the province of Bari), we recall, there are also footprints and tracks attributed to vegetarian dinosaurs and three-toed footprints of theropods (obviously predators, even rarer); in the ” Lama Paterno ” quarry near Bisceglie , with footprints of ornithopods, theropods and probable ankylosaurs and about 1 km north-west of this last location, with further footprints of ankylosaurs. Furthermore , judging by the footprints found on the coast of the Bat Province , one could even hypothesize the presence of traces of sauropods(long-necked dinosaurs, to be clear), all belonging to different species from the continental ones and, at the moment, unknown . Other footprint sites have been discovered in the quarries of the north-western Murge, in the Molfetta area (footprints of medium-sized theropods and medium-small sized herbivorous quadrupedal dinosaurs), in an old disused quarry located in the San Leonardo district :


in a disused quarry in the Lama Balice Regional Natural Park (footprints of medium-small sized theropods, ankylosaria and medium sized sauropods) and near Giovinazzo (Bari) . A few years ago, part of the footprints discovered in Bisceglie by Logoluso were transferred to a park in the area, even though, due to their importance, in our opinion they deserve more protection and care, perhaps with a museum dedicated to them. Other criticalities include the presence of rainfall as well as vandalism which could cause the definitive destruction of exceptional finds that the institutions should instead always defend. All of this occurs despite the scarceness of the excavation campaigns and of the funding dedicated to them: a sign of the fact that our region, even in Cretaceous times, was something more than a simple “archipelago of islets” as previously hypothesized: here we instead they were also medium-sized dinosaurs. “All the available evidence (for example, the scattered presence, the diversity of the dinosaurs, the type of recorded environment, the type of diets, the absolute and relative size of the trackers and the size of the available areas) lead to the exclusion of the long-term association duration of survival, favoring the hypothesis of repeated immigrations. Dinosaurs could have immigrated to the carbonate platforms of the periadriatic area, but not survived there for a sufficient time” – reads the scientific study published in 2009 , dedicated to the picture of periadriatic ichnosites. Other photographs:




Piste e orme di dinosauri in Italia

Source: https://www.pugliareporter.com/2023/06/07/puglia-dinosaur-footprints-discovered-on-the-coast-between-bari-and-bat-including-three-toed-carnivores-thats-where-photos/

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