“In Italy, an octopus drags a dog into the sea”, a poorly told story that risks becoming a hoax with useless scaremongering

Going viral, the news concerning an octopus that would have dragged a poor dog into the depths of the sea immediately caused discussion, making many users indignant who underlined the danger of a mollusk – the octopus – in reality exaggerated. A “half” true story because it should be told more accurately to better inform readers:

According to what has been learned, in fact, numerous online newspapers – even quite famous ones – have reported the news that speaks of a dead dog dragged by a large octopus into the waters of Palinuro , in Campania . However, other sources have reported necessary clarifications that speak of a little dog already dead when the animal’s little body was removed by an octopus which in the meantime would have tried to appropriate it as instinct (and not malice) commands. The news, therefore, must be described in the right way in order to avoid misunderstandings and spread useless and harmful alarmism about these wild animals:

Perhaps also thanks to sightings of octopuses clinging to seagulls and even eagles saved in time , the news has cast a bad light on an animal, the octopus, unjustly described as ” aggressive ” when instead, at least in this specific case, it would have simply tried to devour a already dead animal. As also reported by an anti-hoax site , in fact, the credible description of the episode speaks of a marine animal that only approached later, after the poor puppy had drowned because it accidentally ended up in the sea. The Fire Brigade then intervened at the scene of the incidentwho could not help but recover the little body of the unfortunate little dog. In reality, similar episodes should above all underline the importance of controlling pets in open spaces which, if not adequately supervised, risk getting hurt and, sometimes, even losing their lives.

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